My name is Bekbaganbetov Kalybek.
Born in 1981.
Hometown - Aktobe (former Aktyubinsk).
Now I live in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

My Sites:
http://Art.Almaty.ws - My Paintings
http://Design.Almaty.ws - My Design Works
http://Portrait.Almaty.ws - Photo Portrets of Famous People In Kazakhstan
http://Foto.Almaty.ws - My Photo Works

He graduated from the 7-year secondary special education for six years at the City Art Lyceum named S.V.Kukuruzy Aktobe specialty "graphic designer ", thanks to which the director of the Lyceum Klyavin IM and all the teachers who taught then, and continues to it's a great thing to do.

In 2003 he graduated from the five-year university degree at St. Petersburg State University of Culture and Arts at the Faculty of information technology and media in the specialty "Specialist in the Information Sphere" specialization "Information Designer " (Mediadizayner). I was among the first graduates in this specialty. I want to say Thank you very much Dean of the Faculty Ljashenko T.V. and the entire teaching staff and wish them success in their work!

At this time, 'm painting in his studio in the center of the city of Almaty.